Brian Chirls and Jessica Brillhart

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Omaha is an immersive WebVR piece that strings together worlds of nostalgia – a universe from which there appears to be no way out. The experience is a series of very simple scenes or chapters, each referencing a piece of media that was at one point so inescapable as to invoke fond memories of that media in spite of or even because of its flaws. Omaha is intended as an experiment in rapid iteration of small, shareable meme-like moments in the tradition of animated gifs or Vine.


Jessica Brillhart is the principal filmmaker for VR at Google. In 2009, she joined Google’s Creative Lab where she spearheaded numerous award winning shorts and documentaries before joining the VR team in 2015. Since directing, WORLD TOUR – the first VR film made with the Jump ecosystem – Brillhart has continued traveling the world, filming and experimenting, all in an effort to better understand and help inform others about this emergent medium.

Brian Chirls is Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Datavized Technologies, Inc a WebVR software company building a data-driven publishing platform for the 3D web. He is a recognized WebVR pioneer and creator of the WebVR Starter Kit. Prior to Datavized, Brian completed a Knight Technology Fellowship at POV, where he worked on experimental interactive documentary technology. He has developed innovative models for interaction, data visualization and content-authoring in virtual reality. Brian has helped to create a new genre of interactive video pieces and software libraries that demonstrate ways to combine the interactivity and connectivity of the web with the aesthetic power of cinema and his work has been presented at CPH:DOX, IDFA DocLab, SXSW, Tribeca Film Institute and MIT.


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Oculus (Chromium) (Nightly)

Note: You may need to do some special setup for your browser to work with a VR headset like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.