Bear 71 VR

Leanne Allison, Jeremy Mendes, the NFB, and Jam3

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Originally launched in 2012, Bear 71 is an interactive multi-user online experience told from the point of view of an omniscient female grizzly bear―dubbed “Bear 71” by the park rangers who track her. Created by Jeremy Mendes, Leanne Allison and the NFB, Bear 71 explores how we coexist with wildlife in the age of networks, surveillance, and digital information en mass.

Developed using open platform WebVR technology for greater accessibility, Bear 71 VR is available in VR using a compatible headset, and can also be viewed as a 2D interactive experience on a traditional monitor.

Created in collaboration with Google’s Chrome and VR teams, IDFA DocLab and Sound and Vision, Bear 71 VR has been showcased as a VR installation by the NFB at IDFA Doclab and by Google at the New Frontiers VR Bar at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.


Leanne Allison (Director) is a Gemini Award-winning filmmaker who takes audiences far off the beaten track to explore the experiences of endangered wildlife. Her credits include the NFB documentaries Being Caribou and Finding Farley, with husband Karsten Heuer.

Jeremy Mendes (Director) is a Vancouver-based artist with over 10 years’ experience working on interactive projects. A three-time Webby Award winner, he is currently working freelance on interactive projects with the NFB’s Digital Studio.

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) is one of the world’s leading digital content hubs, creating groundbreaking interactive documentaries and animation, mobile content, installations and participatory experiences. NFB interactive productions and digital platforms have won 100 awards, including 17 Webbys. To access acclaimed NFB content, visit or download its apps for smartphones, tablets and connected TV.

Jam3 is one of the world’s top digital design and production companies. We specialize in creating highly advanced, experiential works in both the advertising and entertainment industries. We’re a culture of dreamers and doers who prove that the two aren’t mutually exclusive. We’re happiest when we’re innovating, and fanatically dedicated to our craft. We’re known for challenging the way digital stories are told. Our work often incorporates everything from live action, animation and sound design to coded particle systems and complex 3D engines. If it is possible, Jam3 can do it. At Jam3, everything is informed by our three core principles: story, craft and technology.


Chrome Firefox Safari
Mobile ✔ (Cardboard, 360, & Daydream) ✔ (Cardboard & 360)

Note: You may need to do some special setup for your browser to work with a VR headset like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.